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All that Gers

"All that Jazz" is a well-known standard, but when we're at Jazz in Marciac, we are surrounded by "All that Gers"...

Price €30.00

2CV Bassoues

Two old friends stop to chat in under the hall in the medieval bastide of Bassoues. The soft suspension of the 2CV make it easier to lean into the sunroof and see each other.

Price €30.00

Course Landaise Ripped

In Course Landaise the art is to avoid the cow as it charges and to be as close to the horns as possible. This chap took it to the limit, but the crowd are in for a close encounter themselves!

Price €30.00

Marciac birdline

The electric lines reminded me of sheet music as I listened to the jazz festival in the valley. The birds creating notes of an ever-changing melody.

Price €98.00

Duck Ellington

World famous Jazz pianist with a Gascon make-over.

Reproduced as giclée print in various sizes, some with mounts. Available as greeting card, as well as on large-format canvas. 

Price €30.00

Foie Gras Blues

Inspired by the Jazz festival in Marciac, home to a great festival each August and to hundreds of duck farmers all year round. 

Reproduced as giclée print in various sizes, some with mounts. Also available on large-format canvas, as well as greeting card. 

Price €30.00