Due to the present situation, please check this page

before you set out to meet Perry. 

Upcoming Events 2020

Perry will unfortunately not be present at the Christmas market this year, but you can always order books, cards and prints from our site. 

12-13 December - Marciac, marché de Noël. A big Christmas fair under the arches of the main square. One of the few Christmas markets this year in the Gers. 

Perry's Exhibitions 2020

Lavardens (32), Château de Lavardens - 20 June 2020 until 3 January 2021.  This will exhibition will be prolongated after annual closing of the Château.

Due to confinement restrictions, the Château is closed until 15th of December.

Exposition Perry Taylor au château de Lavardens 2020

Marciac (32), 24 July - 9 August - Marciac (32) - Jazz in Marciac, During world-famous Jazz festival, Perry welcomes you in his own pop-up gallery in Rue des Cinq Parts, Marciac. Cancelled, next edition will be 2021.

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Lavardens (32), Château de Lavardens - 27 July 2019 until 5 January 2020. Due to the popularity of last year exhibition in the chateau, Perry has been invited to exhibit a retrospective of his work from the last ten years. 

expo château de Lavardens

Marciac (32) - Jazz in Marciac - 25 July - 11 August 2019. 
Perry shares his pop-up gallery with Yannick Beslot, Rue des Cinq Parts, Marciac.

Jazz in Marciac expo 2019

Beaudean (65), Musée Larrey - 13 July until 27 September 2019.

exposition Musee Larrey, Beaudéan 65

Bonnemazon (65), Abbaye de l'Escaladieu - March, April, May 2019 (as part of an exhibition on the Occitan language and culture).

Leclerc Meridien Tarbes 25-5-2019

Bassoues en Armagnac (32) Domaine de Bilé - november 2018 until april 2019.

exposition Domaine de Bilé

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Escalans (40), Château de Buros - Until 13 September.  
For more information, click here.

Expo Lavardens 2018-19

Marciac (32) - Jazz in Marciac 

JIM Galery 2018

Cazaubon (32) La Bastide Gasconne - Relais et Chateaux 

Expo Laa Bastide en Gascogne Barbotan les Thermes

Capvern Les Bains (65) Office de Tourisme -  5 September - 24 October. 

affiche expo Capvern



Roquecor (81) - Galerie Grenier aux Artistes


Marciac (32). 
During world famous Jazz festival in Marciac, Perry shares his pop-up gallery with Yannick Beslot, Galerie d'Art Rue des Cinq Parts, Marciac.

Marciac Gallery 2017


Ostau Marmandés, Marmande (47).
A selection of reproductions and Perry's books are on available. 

Marmande expo affiche


Bassoues (32) - Domaine de Bilé, famille Della Vedove, wine growers. For more information, please click on the image below. 

Expo Domaine de Bilé


Mézin (47)

expo Mézin



Restaurant Un Air de Campagne Mont de Marsan (40)

mont de marsan expo un air de campagne

Bassoues (32), in the 14th century's Donjon tower. 
A selection of reproductions, greeting cards and Perry's book are on sale at the reception. 

Exhibition Bassoues


Marciac (32). During world famous Jazz festival in Marciac this year, Perry shares his pop-up gallery with Yannick Beslot, Galerie d'Art Rue des Cinq Parts, Marciac.

galerie cinq parts Marciac JIM 2016



Bonnemazon (65), Abbaye de l'Escaladieu expo "Di-vin - Une histoire de la vigne et vin"
Perry's prints, book and greeting cards are on sale at the reception.


St Emilion (33), Musée souterrain de la Poterie.

affiche musée st emilion


Marciac (32) During world famous Jazz festival in Marciac this year, Perry shares his pop-up gallery with Francis Uwins and Yannick Beslot, Galerie d'Art Rue des Cinq Parts, Marciac.



Trie sur Baïse (65) 
Tour d'Art 16 artists show their work throughout the village during the two days of the Salon des Antiquaires.
Click here for more information.

Tour d'art Trie-sur-Baïse


Capvern les Bains (65) - Tourist Office. 

affiche expo neste baronnies


 Bonnemazon (65), Abbaye de l'Escaladieu expo "Di-vin - Une histoire de la vigne et vin"


August 2014 - Galerie Rue des Cinq Parts, Marciac (32)

gallery rue des cinq parts, Marciac

Musée Larrey, Beaudéan (65)

poster for exhibition Musée Larrey, Beaudéan

Médiathèque, Mirande (32)

exhibition, Mirande mediatheque 2014


 Médiathèque, Seissan (32)

Seissan exhibition poster

Office de Tourisme, Mirande (32)

Exhibition Mirande OdT 2013


Syndicat d'Initiative, Simorre (32)

exhibition Simorre

La Collégiale, La Romieu (32)

La Romieu exhibition poster


Invité d'honneur, Chateau d'Isle de Noë (32)

isle de noë exhibition

Le Donjon, Bassoues (32)

Bassoues exhibition poster

Chapelle de N.D. de la croix, Marciac (32)

exhibition chapelle marciac 2011 poster